Through a technique of highly structured, accurately cut paper collage I seek to evoke architectural spaces which exert ideological power over their surrounding environments. Sometimes the ideological symbols are drawn from familiar past human history, other times from future or imagined histories. I have long been fascinated with representational architecture and the ends that it serves; particularly when those ends have been obscured by the passage of time.

“Paper architecture” and architectural modeling serve as guides to my technique. Some of the greatest artistry I’ve seen has been in the form of drawings and sculptures of un-built or un-buildable structures. My own frustrated inner architect is nominally appeased by the labor-intensive practice I have developed.  Following a free-ranging process of drawing and experimentation, the construction of each image is done in a methodical manner. Emphasis is put on accuracy of cutting and the construction of a smooth surface for each shape. The result is an optical illusion: a 2-dimensional image with a layered surface that projects out from the background through multiple layers of cardstock and paper. A convincing 3-dimensional space emerges from this illusion, even when a false axonometric perspective reminiscent of early video games is used.

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