2011                  Rosalux Gallery, City of Heroes, Minneapolis, MN.



2013                  Circa Gallery, Minneapolis, MN.

2013                  The Anderson Center, Red Wing, MN.

2013                  Rosalux Gallery, re: constructed space, Minneapolis, MN. (2-artist show)

2012                  The Anderson Center, Red Wing, MN.

2012                  Rosalux Gallery, The Myth of Utopia, Minneapolis, MN. (2-artist show)

2012                  Rosalux Gallery, 10th Anniversary Show, Minneapolis, MN.

2011                  Burnsville Center for the Arts, Rosalux Group Show, Burnsville, MN.

2011                  Roslaux Gallery, Platinum Black, Minneapolis, MN.

2011                  Fox Tax Gallery, 1040: Celebrating a Disastrous Decade, Minneapolis, MN.

2010                  Greyduck Gallery, Pilot Arts Collective, Austin, TX.

2010                  Rosalux Gallery, To Be Continued, Minneapolis, MN.

2009                  Rosalux Gallery, Paper Trails, Minneapolis, MN.

2009                  Skyscape Condos, Open Sky, Minneapolis, MN.

2009                  Frank Stone Gallery, Minneapolis, MN. (3-artist show)

2009                  Rosalux Gallery, Peepshow, Minneapolis, MN.

2008                  Rosalux Gallery, Green, Minneapolis, MN.

2008                  Rosalux Gallery, Sketchy Past, Minneapolis, MN. (2-artist show)

2007                  Carmichael Lynch, First Contact, Minneapolis, MN.

2007                  Rosalux Gallery, New Work, Minneapolis, MN. (2-artist show)

2006                  Pilot Gallery, Pilot Arts Collective, Minneapolis, MN.

2006                  Rosalux Gallery, Go Draw Go, Minneapolis, MN (2-artist show)

2006                  Central Air Nomadic Art Project, The Mayor of Uptown, Minneapolis, MN.

2005                  Varsity Theatre, Festival of Appropriation, Minneapolis, MN.

2005                  Northrup King Gallery, Bird x Bird, Minneapolis, MN.

2005                  Minnesota Museum of American Art, 2DII: Biennial, St. Paul, MN.

2005                  Rosalux Gallery, Neither Here Nor Then, Minneapolis, MN. (2-artist show)

2005                  Gallery T, A Room with 3 Views, Minneapolis, MN. (3-artist show)

2005                  Soo Visual Arts Center, Draw, Minneapolis, MN.

2004                  Fine Arts Building, Minnesota State Fair Art Exhibition, St. Paul, MN.

2004                  Rosalux Gallery, Neography, Minneapolis, MN. (3-artist show)

2003                  Rosalux Gallery, Sweaty Palms and Other Rx for Disaster, Minneapolis, MN. (3-artist show)



Since 2005        Independent Graphic Designer, Minneapolis, MN.

2005                    Artist Talk, Minnesota Museum of American Art, St. Paul, MN.

2001-2005         Senior Graphic Designer, Jasc Software, Eden Prairie, MN

1999-2000         Graphic Designer, Portage Interactive, Minneapolis, MN

1992-1999          Senior Graphic Designer, MECC, Brooklyn Center, MN

1991-1994          Freelance Illustrator, Helen Ravenhill Represents, Minneapolis, MN/Kansas City, MO



1983-88       Studio Art, German Language, University of Minnesota, MN.

1985             Goethe Institut, Chicago, IL (Zertifikat Deutsch II)

1991             Graphic Arts Training, School of Communication Arts, Minneapolis, MN



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2005                  Minnesota Museum of American Art Collection Purchase Award, St. Paul, MN.



SOO Visual Arts Center, Suzy Greenberg, Minneapolis, MN

Minnesota Museum of American Art,  MMAA 2DII Biennial, Purchase Award, St. Paul, MN

Novaclutch Typographic Annex, John P. Corrigan, Minneapolis, MN

Tim Dordell, Esq., Minneapolis, MN

Markus Bollig, Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Antony Duff, Esq., Edinburgh, Scotland

Tom Arneson, Minneapolis, MN (Collector profile: